This is the first testimonial I have ever written, and in no way am I being compensated. After the service, I had with Chris and Long’s Northwest Hitch, I felt compelled to write this. So, after purchasing a 2015 Subaru Forester 2.5 Limited, I quickly realized that I would need a hitch to be installed in order to continue pursuing my outdoor passions. Whether it be hunting, camping, or pulling an aluminum fishing boat, I know that a quality hitch and installation is vital for safely executing my outdoor passions as a weekend warrior. Upon searching online for a local shop with which to do business, I found only a few options at first glance. One was the dealership where I purchased my car, the other was a multinational moving company. I contacted both, and both gave me a quote, but neither mentioned the quality, warranties, and neither seemed thrilled to have my business. The last for me to look into was Long’s Northwest Hitch. I contacted Long’s Northwest Hitch, and spoke to Chris Long the very next morning. I was given a rough estimate and the guarantee that he would NOT be the cheapest in town, but he would be the best, and that the upfront cost (which I calculated to be $45 or more) would save me money in repairs in the long run. Being the skeptic I am, I just figured it to be a sales pitch, but would love to hear him out for the final exact estimate when he slowed down enough to get back to me since he was backed up due to inclement weather. A day later he contacted me and gave me an extremely thorough breakdown of each step of the installation, my options on brands, and each price. I was impressed. I could tell here was a man who valued the local, hardworking, family owned business ideals I value myself and he is working hard for his business. Soon after the breakdown, I committed and made an appointment. Chris showed up ahead of schedule, executed everything the way he said he would (and with unmistakeable expertise). He was started and finished just like he quoted, and the hitch performs flawlessly thus far. I am extremely confident that I will have no issue with my hitch, and am happy to have decided to do business with Chris and his family. People like Chris and businesses like Long’s Northwest Hitch are what make shopping locally so enjoyable and so rewarding. Not only did I get to keep my hard-earned money here in town, but I ended up with a top-quality product that is guaranteed to last a very long time.

Thank you, Chris and Long’s Northwest Hitch, for providing excellent service at a very reasonable cost ($45 more total than the corporate guys working by the hour).

Sincerely, Jason A.

Thanks again for your service. It is refreshing to see some companies still value customer service. You guys are a rarity!

Thanks again,
D. Thurman
I enjoyed working with Chris at Long’s Northwest Hitch and B&W with this project. Chris did a great job on the installation and also on explaining everything about it. B&W has a good reputation in the towing industry and Long’s Northwest Hitch has also they’ve been around for a long time and know what they’re doing. If you need a hitch these two companies can set you up and you won’t have any worries of the craftsmanship.

Thanks again
C. Isgrigg (satisfied customer)

Chris, Thanks for your work on my Toyota Landcruiser. I appreciate you being able to figure out the plug setup that no one else seemed able to. Your work was excellent and well priced and the convenience of having you come to my place of work to fix was invaluable. Thanks again!

Mike R.